Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Retrospective of my LT

Slide (fixed)



  • Comparing whole cultures when developing with each framework, not framework itself only.
  • Comparing de-facto and out-of-the-box libraries and tools with full-stack structure, if each framework consists in loosely coupled.
  • Ruby and C#, Both my languages.

Where I fixed

incorrect:LINQ to SQL
correct:LINQ to Entities

Sample codes



Sample web application by ASP.NET MVC3
It's originated from AWDwR 4th's Depot application (without Tests, Mails and I18Ns).


There is no "carts" table (containing just only p-key and timestamps) in Rails' sample version.
Because, C# has System.Guid class and SQL Server has the column type for GUID.
So that this sample has no need for preparing "carts" table to pretend p-key as GUID like Rails' sample version.

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