Thursday, September 29, 2011

"git show" nearly equals to "git diff"

git diff has many options and these can do many features. And the most useful feature is to get latest diff.
> git diff HEAD^
but, this feature has more useful alias: git show
> git show

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ruby 1.9.3 RC1 has been released

A few days ago, Ruby 1.9.3 RC1 has been released. If you are Windows user, you can install with doing instructions in phosphorescence: Clean installation Ruby 1.9.3 preview1 with MinGW and MSYS (Of course, ready for Windows 8 preview).

Friday, September 23, 2011

What means "fsc" in functional programming?

In functional programming domain, there are 2 executable files named "fsc". Which one is Scala's daemon compiler. Which other one is F# compiler. If you install both and set both to your PATH, a name collision occurs. So that, F# team treats it with renaming F# compiler from "fsc" to "fsharpc" when installer finds there is Scala. That commit is below:

Commit ac7d60de9e7017aa22ac76e2c6b5a02bee92f935 to fsharp/fsharp - GitHub

Affected by it, "fsi" also renames to "fsharpi".

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ruby 1.9.3 preview on Windows 8 preview

I have installed Ruby 1.9.3 preview1 on Windows 8 preview on Mac mini (Late 2009).
When I installed Windows 8 preview on Mac mini (Late 2009) with using Boot camp, I referred these articles.
Then I have installed Ruby 1.9.3 preview1 with using MinGW, referring my phosphorescence: Clean installation Ruby 1.9.3 preview1 with MinGW and MSYS.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

AWDwR 4th beta is ready for Rails 3.1

As you may know, Agile web development with Rails(a.k.a. AWDwR) becomes ready for Rails 3.1. In other words...
  • Now the edition of AWDwR is 4th beta. And its e-book becomes ready for Rails 3.1 and Ruby 1.9.x.
  • It's good entry book for starting Rails 3.1 with Ruby 1.9.x.
  • It's also good book for starting Sass and CoffeeScript.

Of course, I'm reading this e-book.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

F# 3.0 is officially announced

In the BUILD conference, F# 3.0 is officially announced.

F# 3.0 Developer Preview Now Available!

Good news

Bad news

  • At this moment, it is released for only MSDN subscriber.
Despite Windows 8 previrew does not need any subscriptions :-<

Monday, September 12, 2011

Two tips for installaing Rails 3.1

About two weeks ago, Ruby on Rails 3.1 had been released. I found there are two tips for installation - compared with the previous version.

You should install node.js

Ruby on Rails 3.1 needs server-side ECMAScript because some gems of Rails 3.1 need it - CoffeeScript and sass. So you should install node.js. Especially, I recommend it for windows user because node.js provides windows binary.

You could uninstall abstract gem

Ruby on Rails 3.1 needs erubis 2.7.0, And this version of erubis is noe depending on abstract gem despite erubis 2.6.x depends it. So you could uninstall abstract gem if you upgrade Rails from 3.0.x.