Friday, July 8, 2011

Java7 launch event in Tokyo

In yesterday, Java7 launch event was held at Aoyama, Tokyo. the program is like below:
  1. Opening
  2. Summary of Java7 & Java8
  3. HotRockit / New licenses for Java
  4. NetBeans 7.0 / Project Coin
  5. InvokeDynamic
  6. Fork/Join Framework -> Lambda
  7. More new I/O
  8. Lightning talks
I had two thoughts from this event.
  • Both G1GC and InvokeDynamic are great technologies. It's good news for LLs (like JRuby) on JVM.
  • But, new Java7 features for Java language are imperfect because there are lack of lambda. Those features will become perfect since Java8.
And most funniest talk is about "JRuby and invokedynamic".

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