Saturday, July 16, 2011

The 1st day of RubyKaigi 2011 (Morning)

The 1st day of RubyKaigi 2011 was held at here.

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In this morning, I attended these sessions:

  • Opening
    Video 1 (Japanese)
    Video 2 (Japanese)
    • by Yoshimasa Takahashi
    • by Koichi Sasada
    • Opening speech for the last RubyKaigi
    • Introduction of contents at this year
  • Keynote
    Video (English)
    • by Aaron Patterson
    • title: Ruby ruined my life
    • Boundaries between ruby and rails
    • Boundaries between the English and the Japanese
    • Ruby core team communicates with using ruby-core ML(English) and ruby-dev ML(Japanese). If someone attends only one side, there are boundary between him and the one attending only other side.
    • Ruby development is under the ownershipment of each modules.
    • Sometimes, waiting for fixing another module.
    • Some Ruby stdlib modules are coming from external repositories.
      • Are ruby core members comitting to those or not?
      • Are we really the same ruby team or not?
    • Rails development is NOT under the ownershipment.
    • All comitters can commit to all modules. In other words, all comitters can take responsibility for all modules.
    • It may be risky if anyone avoids to take that responsibilities.
    • But we Ruby team should be same with rails' responsibility.
    • "feel free to commit": it is important to release Ruby 1.9.3 on schedule.
    • "feel free to revert": we just do the communication.
    • There is a deep misunderstanding that Japanese core members is only communicating and deciding in ruby-dev.
    • Improve the stdlib fundamentally
      • make all stdlib changing to RubyGems
      • Rapid iteration
    • In Japan, there are many books about ruby - all around ruby matters.
    • But , in US, there are books about learning ruby or about Rails.
    • So some Rails users in US don't know the differences of ruby and rails.
    • I hope, in US, the lineup of Ruby book goes up to the same level with in Japan.
    • I want a book about ruby encoding.
    • I suggest that the error shoould occur when ascii-8 string and non-ascii-8 string are concatenated.
    • And I guess Dtrace becomes a default profiler on Ruby, if DTrace is supported by few OSs.
    • Ruby Ruined my life.
      • I had liked Perl
      • I had waited Perl6
      • But the manager had made me use Java
      • So I had hated Java
      • I met Ruby
      • I noticed no more Java, no more Perl6
      • I join to a startup with accepting pay cuts of 40%.
      • But now, I become a happy.
    • Thanks for all of Ruby community.
N.B. These summaries may be imprecise.
And I don't translate Q&As in the article because these are the gift for attendees in there.
After the Keynote, Aaron plays a heartwarming trick for his 2 friends. Let's look the movie, and Congrats!

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