Thursday, September 17, 2009

openSUSE Conference 2009 - Tokyo Branch

Today, openSUSE Conference 2009 - Tokyo Branch and BOF were held.

  • speaker: Satoru Matsumoto
  • On this time now, openSUSE conference 2009 is being held in Nürnberg
  • So let's hold too in here, Tokyo.
  • Part 1: openSUSE Current Topics
    • openSUSE 11.2 (the next version) will be released in 2009/11
      • The release cycle is revised as 8 months period.
      • Now: Milestone 7
    • openFATE
      • Anyone can request new features.
      • Initially, only a few Members were allowed that authorized by Board.
      • From 2009/06, anyone are allowed literally.
      • But problems are occured.
        • Conflict of default desktop environment: Gnome? or KDE?
        • Confused suggestions: Server edition, Long term support edition or openSLES edition
    • "Member" efforts to open Factory (development repository) for non-Novell users.
    • Introduction of openSUSE Build Service
      • An automatic service for building packages on cross-platform and cross-architecture
      • Requirements: sources from upstream and .spec file
      • It can build not only openSUSE/SLES but also RHEL, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and so on.
      • CUI ready
      • openSUSE Build Service itself is open source.
    • openSUSE Build Service DEMO
    • Introduction of SUSE Studio
      • It can create customized appliance based on openSUSE or SLES.
      • LiveCD, LiveDVD, VMWare image, Xen image and so on
      • It can use each latest packages if you want.
      • Only browser for creation
      • Only browser for test
      • log-on with openID
    • SUSE Studio DEMO
  • Part 2: Brainstorming – OWN & Contribution
    • When Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier came to Japan in last fall, I was asked to translate openSUSE weekly news into Japanese.
    • I tried to translate it, then it had been found by openSUSE weekly news team, and dealt as official translation.
    • At Now, translators are increasing a few
    • The volume of openSUSE weekly news had been small for English speakers.
      • They had requested increasing the volume, then accepted.
    • Now the volume is too big for non-English speakers.
      • mixture of news related openSUSE and news of the entire Linux community
    • Would we limit the translation within news related openSUSE only?
    • Similar situations in translators of other non-English weekly news
    • Similar situations in translators of other Linux distribution's weekly news
N.B. These summaries may be imprecise.

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