Monday, September 14, 2009

Keyword: PubSubHubbub

In Tim Bray's Keynote Address at RubyWorld Conference 2009, I heard the word I never heard, "pubsubhubbub". What is this? I have searched this word and understood a little.


It's publish/subscribe style feed protocol. This protocol is from 3 entities.
  • Publisher ... Publish Atom feed or RSS feed to the Hub
  • Subscriber ... Subscribe some feeds from the Hub
  • Hub ... Notify feeds between Publisher and Subscriber as push notification
Representative subscriber is Google Reader. Representative hub is the sample hub built with pubsubhubbub team. If you want to build and run your own hub with Ruby, you could use WebGlue. And representative publisher is... your own site. Of course, it's also possible on my site if I change the feed settings on this site (not yet). Blogger have already embedded meta tag like below:
<link rel='hub' href=''/>

And screen capture of actual feed XML is below:

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