Monday, September 7, 2009

The 1st day of RubyWorld Conference 2009 (Morning)

RubyWorld Conference 2009 was held at here.

I attended these sessions:

  • Opening
    • speech: Matz
    • speech: Shimane Governor
    • speech: Matsue Mayor
  • Creating innovation with IT
    • speaker: Norihiko Ishiguro
    • At the moment, embedded softwares are the only ones that Japan has international competitiveness in.
      • In this field, "Suri-Awase" manufacturing is still effective like in analog industries.
      • There are domestic standards to some extent, and need to bring them up to international standards.
    • Cloud computing
      • This has abilities to change the structure of Japanese IT industries drastically.
      • I concern that Japanese vendors can begin the competition of cloud computing and do that.
      • Data center of cloud computing consumes many electricity.
      • Matsue city has subsidy programs for the business location that halve the electricity charges, so this city may be suitable for data center.
    • Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program)
    • SaaS for SMEs
    • "Regional Innovation Partnership" plan
      • At the moment, Japanese IT industries have been built as a pyramid structure that pinnacles vendors in Tokyo area.
      • In this structure, It's hard for regional vendors to meet local customers.
      • So this plan makes growth of regional vendors and announcement for local customers.
    • Ruby standardization
    • The Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum
      • Partnership in CJK(China, Japan, Korea).
      • Next forum will be held in 2009/10/19~2009/10/21 at Tokyo, with Matz and Linus
  • Keynote Address: What is Ruby For?
    • speaker: Tim Bray
    • Ruby is my freind. So says the good aspects and ungood aspects.
    • Ruby is the tool to make programming happy.
    • I have been coming to Japan many times. But I come outside of Tokyo for the first time.
    • (Photos of Shinjiko lake, Matsue city centre and Matsue castle.)
    • Taken with my Pentax. I am a Pentax user for a longtime.
    • I have joined PDML.
    • I wrote a program that transfer PDML posts to my Twitter, with Ruby 1.9.
    • Ruby is suitable for such a program.
    • At past, Twitter had driven by Ruby on Rails.
      • But Ruby is not suitable for the scalable system.
      • So Twitter had been down oftenly.
    • At now, Twitter is driven by Scala.
    • As the language to build Web application, the open software is more desirable than the proprietary software.
    • Limits of Moore's Law.
    • Now is the muiti-core era.
      • If you want to speed up the program, at past, you had to wait until programming languages speeded up.
      • At now, You have to do concurrent programming by yourself.
    • Functional programming
      • Erlang
      • Haskell
      • Clojure
    • If you do functional programming with Java lanaguage...
      • just use java.lang.Thread class
        • difficult
        • occuring deadlock or race condition
      • use classes in java.util.concurrent package
        • easier
        • still occuring deadlock or race condition
    • If you can use GCD in Snow Leopard, still occuring deadlock or race condition.
    • Erlang prevents deadlock and race condition
      • Instead it's painful for dealing with characters and files.
      • An name starting with uppercase is immutable, and an name starting with lowecase is variable.
    • Functional programming in Ruby
    • Storier DEMO
      • Run on the Android
      • Composition with geotag, Google Maps and GPS tracking
      • Java Program in 2,200 lines and 8 days
    • Ruby doesn't run on the Android
    • JRuby on Android is just started.
    • Concern for runnning ruby on Android
      • Android device is low spec.
      • We need to concern battery consumption of Android device.
    • I have talked about Ruby's ungood aspects.
    • From now, I will talk about Ruby's good aspects.
    • Raverly
      • SNS for Chrochet
      • The largest pure Ruby site
      • Built by 1 person
      • Ruby Enterprise Edition, Ruby on Rails 2.2, memcached, Tokyo Cabinet, Tokyo Tyrant
    • Good match for REST
      • Rack can make RESTful interface simple.
      • Sun Cloud API is also RESTful API implemented with Rack.
    • Almost all mobile devices connect to the Web.
    • If Ruby will run on mobile devices, Ruby empowers mobile device users.
N.B. These summaries may be imprecise.

It's noteworthy that there are many attendees in suit I have ever seen at conference of Ruby or other lightweight languages.
I was not in suit. Of course, speakers are not!

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