Friday, April 24, 2009

Debug Hacks Conference 2009

Last night, Debug Hacks Conference 2009 was held at Jimbou-chou, Tokyo. The agenda was as follows:

OpeningPart 1 : Lightning talks about debug by authors
  • Debug with strace by Mr.Yamato
  • Debug with rpm options by Mr.Ooiwa
  • Debug with and without debuginfo by Mr.Abe
  • Debug for fault in malloc and free by Mr.Shimamoto
  • Troubleshooting Hacks by Mr.Yoshida

Part 2 : Yugui(Ruby 1.9.x release manager)'s case study
  • Log is important to reproduce a bug for debug
  • Debug for Rails app ... BDD, Design by Contract, etc.
  • Debug for Ruby Language ... assertion, debug.c, etc.
  • Debug around the thread ... try and error

Q & A was done in every sessions. And the content of book is introduced by Hiro Yoshioka himself at Someday Join Us: Debug Hacks.

At the end of conference, Hiro Yoshioka said "Please write your own debug hacks on your blog". So I write ... correctly, had wrote try and errors about QtRuby build process already(#1, #2, #3). And I will write some debugs if it occurs ... undoubtedly occurs!


hyoshiok said...

Thanks for your report. It is very good. I was impressed that you already wrote your debug process. cool.

Youhei Kondou said...

Hi, hyoshiok.
Thanks for comment and updating your blog.
I update this post to contain that blog post.

But I have misunderstood that "Create a Link" is tracking back system. It's not. It's only create a-tag.

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