Saturday, April 4, 2009

openSUSE benkyoukai 2009/04

Today, in Tokyo, openSUSE benkyoukai (in Kanji characters: 勉強会) was held. What's benkyoukai? It's Japanese language means "Studying meeting" or "Studying party", and its origin is.., see more at Hiro Yoshioka's blog entries.

Then, openSUSE benkyoukai is keeping hosted by Nihon openSUSE Users Group (written in Japanese), and from this time, streaming test by is started. I watched benkyoukai by this because I cannot go to the venue at this time. There were 3 sessions:
  1. How to translate to Japanese for openSUSE Japanese official wiki
  2. Knoppix and mathmatics
  3. What is Prolog
These are so interest and enthusiastic. Next time, I would like to attend.

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