Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rebuild portupgrade to use Ruby 1.9

PC-BSD installs portupgrade as default, but, it uses Ruby 1.8 - not Ruby 1.9. In this article, I introduce the way to rebuild portupgrade to use Ruby 1.9.

Before rebuilding

  1. Prepare ports on /usr/ports
  2. Install ccache to build Ruby 1.9, on /usr/ports/devel/ccache
  3. Add RUBY_DEFAULT_VER=1.9and RUBY_VER=1.9 to /etc/make.conf
  4. Deinstall Ruby 1.8 on /usr/ports/lang/ruby18
  5. Install Ruby 1.9 on /usr/ports/lang/ruby19

Rebuild portupgrade

# cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade
# make deinstall
# make install clean

After rebuilding (optional)

Fix the information about ports dependencies
$ sudo pkgdb -F

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