Friday, January 27, 2012

Privacy and Big Data

This book contains nothing about any programming languages, but, IMHO, this is the greatest one among no-programming-language books ever published by O'Reilly.

As title said, this book is about "Privacy and Big Data". Authors describe how different view of privacy between U.S. and Europe, and they also describe how degree our privacy is protected or violated in nowadays - in the digital age. This book shows us some sub themes how and what courts, companies and agencies have dealt with privacy or big data, with recent news keywords from all over the world:
  • Arab Spring
  • Right to be forgotten, proposed by EU
  • London Riots and censored BlackBerry
  • Demo at BART and shutting down cells

This book was published at September 2011, so that there are no mentions about SOPA and PIPA themselves. But, there are certainly mentions about MPAA, RIAA and what they want and how they want to do. If you are programmer or not, and, if your business deals big data or not, we all the people living in the digital age may read this book. And we may reconsider how and what we do for our privacy on and off the Internet.

(Here comes the new topic in phosphorescence: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.)

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