Saturday, August 29, 2009

install Chromium for Linux x86_64 on openSUSE

(continued from phosphorescence: Prepare to install Chromium for Linux x86_64 on openSUSE)

Let's start installation.

1st checkout depot_tools
> svn co
> export PATH=`pwd`/depot_tools:"$PATH"

2nd, checkout chromium with Git: this takes a time (in my case it took 1.5 minutes).
> git clone --depth 1 git:// src

3rd, create gclient config file and edit.
> ./depot_tools/gclient config
Then I edit .gclient like below:
solutions = [
{ "name" : "src",
"url" : "",
"custom_deps" : {
# To use the trunk of a component instead of what's in DEPS:
#"component": "https://svnserver/component/trunk/",
# To exclude a component from your working copy:
#"data/really_large_component": None,
"src/third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests": None
"safesync_url": ""

4th, sync gclient: this takes a long time (in my case it took 15 minutes).
> ./depot_tools/gclient sync

Finally, build the chromium for x86_64: make takes so long long times (in my case it took 1.5 hours).
> ./src/tools/gyp/gyp -f make src/build/all.gyp -Dtarget_arch=x64
> cd src
> make CC="ccache gcc" CXX="ccache g++" -r BUILDTYPE=Release -j6 chrome V=1

And run the chromium.

Speaking of shortcomings, all related files of chromium (source, tools and binaries) spend lots of disk space.
> du -h --total /opt/chromium
2.4G /opt/chromium

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