Sunday, July 19, 2009

The 3rd day of RubyKaigi 2009 (Morning)

Today is the 3rd day (a.k.a. last day) of RubyKaigi 2009. Order of today's session has been changed because of speaker's machine trouble. "Ruby - The Script Language" has become after "socket library improvement".

So I attended these sessions:

  • socket library improvement
    • speaker: Akira Tanaka
    • In Ruby 1.9.2, many improvements about socket library
      • Protocol independent
      • Ready for IPv6(FreeBSD handles IPv6 only!?)
      • Obsolete redundant constant names, use symbol instead
      • Fix strange order of arguments
      • Address informations are switched from array to Addrinfo class
    • TCPServer and UDPSocket were depended on protocol
    • It's difficult that UDP makes independent from protocol
  • Checking Interactively-Developed Code
    • speaker: Andriy Hnativ
    • Ruby allows the incremental development without compile and with irb
    • We can focus on programming, but, we cannot feedback by error until we run program
    • I made Rubin
    • It runs with JRuby 1.1.2 AST only
    • It prints to stdout by executing each line
    • future plans
      • checking codes in eval
      • code completion
    Q from meYou say "code completion", but current JRuby(jirb_swing) can do it already. Do you mean "more improvment from current"?
    A from speakerRubymine is not enough, so I make it improve with jirb
  • Hello World From The "Nearly" Other Side Of Earth
    • speaker: Daniel Bovensiepen
    • I will speak about communities on German
    • I'm from Hanover, German
    • Inspired by Shintaro Kakutani's LT on RubyConf08
    • I belong to Hanover Ruby user group
    • In German, there are many regional Ruby user group
      • Hanover
      • Bremen
      • Hamburg
      • Berlin
      • Munich
      • Karlsruhe
      • Frankfurt am Main
    • Xing is most popular SNS in German, Ruby is used here in a few part
    • RailsWayMagazine is published in German
    • In Austria(Germany's neighbor), there is a comunity in Vienna
    • We can't read Japanese, (in fact, can't display Japanese) we can't read Japanese mail lists
    • So we make gapi and use it for translation Japanese mail lists with Google API
N.B. These summaries may be imprecise.

I have worried jirb session because code completion of jirb_swing is already great.
Can that speaker re-innovate it?

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