Friday, July 17, 2009

The 1st day of RubyKaigi 2009

Today is the 1st day of RubyKaigi 2009(only afternoon).
It held at here.

I attended these sessions:

  • Opening
  • Using Git and GitHub to Develop One Million Times Faster
    • speaker: Scott Chacon
    • Git is snapshot base product
    • Used in Linux Kernel development
    • Introducing typical git commands and options
    • Central repository is not necessary for git
    • Network is not necessary for git
    • Introducing GitHub
    • Introducing Grit
    • Introducing Jekyll
  • Numeric in Ruby
    • speaker: Kentaro Goto
    • Numeric on Ruby 1.9 is 3 times faster than Ruby 1.8's
    • Rational and Complex become standard library from Ruby 1.9
    • Each users have different backgrounds
      • Matz' one is "little convinient libm wrapper than C"
      • Mathematician's one is "FORTRAN" or "many amount of calculations"
      • Programming Language geek's one is "How woks on the other programming language?"
      • Computer algebra system user's one is "Is there same function with (e.g. Mathmatica)?"
    • Some problems remain on Ruby 1.9: Float, mathn, and so on.
  • The standard random number generator of Ruby and the proposal to improve it
    • speaker: Kenta Murata
    • Kernel#rand is not enough
    • Pattern of random generation is only one
    • Kernel#rand is not well-random for multi thread
    • Kernel#srand is allowed to execute many times
    • So I start to improve random generator as an object Random
    • Unfortunately, I'm not ready to prepare codes until this conference
    • I will prepare on GitHub as soon as possible
  • From Rails to Rack: Making Rails 3 a Better Ruby Citizen
    • speaker: Yehuda Katz
    • It's difficult to use RoR "a little", so I created Merb
    • But last December, We notice that the goal of RoR team and of Merb team is same
    • So we integrate
    • The goal is de-coupling, so you can use Rack, erubis, DataMapper, jQuery, JSON, CouchRest and so on as you like
    • Introducing Many code examples and its introductions of Rails3
    • But we also aim backward compatibility
      • To work AWDwR Depot store
      • If you include Rails2Compatibility module, you can get backward compatibility
    Q from meWhat changes and how changes plugin system on Rails3?
    A from speakerNothing is decided, the decided matters are "Changing a lot" and "We fix it as last API change"
  • Lightning Talks
    • RoR on GAE
    • RoR on IronRuby
    • and many other LTs
N.B. These summaries may be imprecise.

I have been satisfied to hear the future of Rails3, there are a lot of changes and fixes.

In this venue, temporary bookstore comes and sells technical books related with ruby, including pre-release titles.

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