Monday, June 8, 2009

openSUSE benkyoukai 2009/06

2 days ago, in Tokyo, openSUSE benkyoukai was held (What's benkyoukai? see the first part of past entry).

At this time, I attend in the venue. There were 2 sessions:
  1. Tips at exchanging HDD with dual boot win and linux
  2. Tips for Gimp
I learn many tips from each speakers, and attendees(of course, me too) advice additional techniques to each speakers.

On this place after all sessions, one attendee who volunteers translations called, so less people translate informations (weekly news, wiki, and so on) from English to Japanese that we need more voluntaries. His call aroused me to transrate some information. So I went back to home soon, translated Bluetooth page of openSUSE wiki until now from English to Japanese.

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