Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where has Qt::Thread gone?

QThread class is a thread implementation of Qt. I tried to refer an appropriate API of QtRuby: i.e. Qt::Thread. Let's type rbqtapi command.
>/opt/ruby-1.9.1/bin/rbqtapi Qt::Thread
ERROR: class 'Qt::Thread' not found

Oh, what's wrong? Paths are correct and there's no typo. I searched about this matter on the web, then found some information on ruby-talk-google.

There's no Qt::Thread because Ruby lacks support for native threads
(at least, for the moment), so it's not really feasible to implement.

Okay, I see. Certainly, Qt's thread is native thread, and Ruby 1.8's thread had been a green thread. So it's no worse that QtRuby wasn't support QThread(Qt::Thread).

But now, Ruby 1.9's thread has become native thread. So this is improvement point for QtRuby.

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