Saturday, May 2, 2009

Book Review : Debug Hacks

I read Debug Hacks that was introduced by past post and by author himself.

Before reviewing this book, there are two things should be mentioned. First, endorsement is written by Matz. Second, the drawn on the cover is kayaributa (in Kanji characters: 蚊遣豚). This is swine-shaped ceramic container in Japan, to contain mosquito-insecticides: i.e. debug!

To return to the review, as many other Japanese bloggers said, I also think more suitable title for this book is "Debug Hacks for Linux kernel". This book contains 66 debug hacks, and most of these are debugs for Linux kernel, anothers are few. But, these are good case studies not by using itself, for applying our own domain flexibly. In that sense, this book is similar to Beautiful Code.

Finally, I list my applicable hacks from this book by number. The applicable soon are #2, #5 and #66. And the applicable on someday are #18, #23, #26, #52, #53 and #56. Of course, it's different for different individuals, so let's check yourself.

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