Monday, April 16, 2012

AsiaBSDCon 2012

3 weeks ago, AsiaBSDCon 2012 was held.

I attend these 4 workshops.

  • DTrace on FreeBSD: Hands on Workshop
    • This workshop is most impressive one for me because I'm interested in DTrace.
    • I learn not only what is DTrace but also How should we use DTrace.
    • On FreeBSD, Dtrace is off as default. But it's easy to be on with kernel-recompile.
    • Probes - the key aspect of DTrace - is already embedded in OS by OS suppliers(FreeBSD, Solaris and Mac OS X).
    • Probe name consists of provider:module:function:name, and we just specify its name.
  • Maintaining your own PBI package repository
    • This is also my interest, but not my purpose.
    • This workshop teaches how to provide PBI package, but what i wan to know is how PBI just works with I18N.
    • Because of poor I18Nof PBI, I still use ports as package management in PC-BSD.
  • Integrating LLVM into FreeBSD
    • This workshop shows both the history and the needs about LLVM.
    • LLVM is the substitute of GCC, because GPLv3 is not friendly for BSDL, so that LLVM is friendly for *BSD.
    • In FreeBSD 9.0, porting from GCC to LLVM is in halfway. Porting completely will come in FreeBSD 9.1
  • FreeBSD + nginx. The best WWW server for the best operating system
    • This workshop shows just history. How the author makes nginx.
    • In fact, I learned that FreeBSD is the best platform for nginx because of kqueue syscall, it's trivial.
    • But, what I want to know first is how to develop applications with nginx on FreeBSD.
    • And what I want to know second is useful 3rd party modules, e.g. naxsi.

DTrace workshop is great experience for me, I will use it for debugging and profiling.

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