Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two .js templates in Rails 3.1

In Rails 3.1, there are two JavaScript templates - the one is 'app/views/**/*.js.erb', the other one is 'app/assets/javascripts/*.js.coffee'. What are these? And how different are these?

In short, 'app/views/**/*.js.erb' is bare jQuery with ERb template, and 'app/assets/javascripts/*.js.coffee' is CoffeeScript file.

In more detail, 'app/views/**/*.js.erb' is written for the response of Ajax request, both with bare jQuery and with ERb. 'app/assets/javascripts/*.js.coffee' is written for another scripts with CoffeeScript when the page is loaded. And then, 'app/assets/javascripts/*.js.coffee' is compiled to jQuery by server-side JavaScripts (e.g. node.js).

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