Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prepare MVC3 with VWDExpress and MariaDB

(continued from phosphorescence: Minimal MariaDB configuration on Windows for Express Web Development)

Create schema for MVC 3 application

In MySQL Workbench, "Start Querying" with root account.
Add schema for MVC 3 application. I this sample, I named it as "mvc3_training"

Create schema user for MVC 3 application

Launch server administration with choosing [Manage Instance].
Then create user, and grant schema privilege to this user.

Create table

Create DB connection for its schema with its schema user, and "Start Querying" with its schema user.

Then create table. In this sample, I design this table named "People".

Primary key has name "PersonId", and this primary key is defined as auto increment.

(Conitinue to phosphorescence: Create Simple MVC 3 App with VWDExpress and MariaDB)

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