Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where will Qt go?

In yesterday, Nokia and Microsoft announce "Strategic Partnership". There are many news sources. The main topic of its pertnership is, of course, Nokia decides to adopt Windows Phone OS for Nokia's smart devices. But, one more notable topic for me is coming at the last of Q&A on Nokia's briefing webcast - Where (How) will Qt go?

Meego will be over when only one device "for experimental purpse" will have been released. Symbian^x (a.k.a. S60) is continuing while Nokia will be ready for replacing smart devices to Windows Phone at all, and is cut budgets for more R&D. But Qt mobile strategy depends on these two mobile OSs. And Elop admits that Qt is not ready for Windows Phone developtment, at now. Then, where (How) will Qt go?

IMO, the answer is, Nokia has one more OS for NON-smart device. The name S40 - lower spec version of S60, as you see - is the most boarded OS on low end devices in the world. But, Nokia feels to need for being more competitive with another low end devices like MediaTek's 山寨机. So Nokia will develop the way for S40 to be more competitive, using Qt.

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