Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ruby 1.9.1 p429 was released BUT SEGV occurs

Yesterday, Ruby 1.9.1 p429 was released. So I download from here and install its package like this entry. But, SEGV occur in make instrunction.

SEGV shows below:

./miniruby -I./lib -I.ext/common -I./- -r./ext/purelib.rb  ./tool/generic_erb.rb -c -o encdb.h ./template/encdb.h.tmpl ./enc enc    
/root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1310: [BUG] Segmentation fault                                                   
ruby 1.9.1p429 (2010-07-02 revision 28523) [i686-linux]                                                                             

-- control frame ----------
c:0013 p:---- s:0060 b:0060 l:000059 d:000059 CFUNC  :catch
c:0012 p:0049 s:0056 b:0056 l:001830 d:000b8c BLOCK  /root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1310
c:0011 p:---- s:0050 b:0050 l:000049 d:000049 FINISH                                                        
c:0010 p:---- s:0048 b:0048 l:000047 d:000047 CFUNC  :catch                                                 
c:0009 p:0062 s:0044 b:0044 l:001830 d:001830 METHOD /root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1258
c:0008 p:0024 s:0034 b:0034 l:000033 d:000033 METHOD /root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1252
c:0007 p:0066 s:0029 b:0029 l:0001d4 d:0026e8 BLOCK  ./tool/generic_erb.rb:12                               
c:0006 p:0116 s:0026 b:0026 l:000025 d:000025 METHOD /root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:793 
c:0005 p:---- s:0020 b:0020 l:000019 d:000019 FINISH                                                        
c:0004 p:---- s:0018 b:0018 l:000017 d:000017 CFUNC  :new                                                   
c:0003 p:0069 s:0015 b:0015 l:0001d4 d:0018b8 EVAL   ./tool/generic_erb.rb:8                                
c:0002 p:---- s:0004 b:0004 l:000003 d:000003 FINISH                                                        
c:0001 p:0000 s:0002 b:0002 l:0001d4 d:0001d4 TOP                                                           
-- Ruby level backtrace information-----------------------------------------                                
/root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1310:in `catch'                                          
/root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1310:in `block in parse_in_order'                        
/root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1258:in `catch'                                          
/root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1258:in `parse_in_order'                                 
/root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:1252:in `order!'                                         
./tool/generic_erb.rb:12:in `block in 
' /root/ダウンロード/ruby-1.9.1-p429/lib/optparse.rb:793:in `initialize' ./tool/generic_erb.rb:8:in `new' ./tool/generic_erb.rb:8:in `
' -- C level backtrace information ------------------------------------------- 0x816a4f0 ./miniruby(rb_vm_bugreport+0x60) [0x816a4f0] 0x8086161 ./miniruby [0x8086161] 0x80861fa ./miniruby(rb_bug+0x3a) [0x80861fa] 0x811125c ./miniruby [0x811125c] 0xffffe410 [0xffffe410] 0x81619bc ./miniruby [0x81619bc] 0x8157d88 ./miniruby [0x8157d88] 0x81580c4 ./miniruby [0x81580c4] 0x816365e ./miniruby [0x816365e] 0x815ddca ./miniruby [0x815ddca] 0x816125b ./miniruby [0x816125b] 0x8161983 ./miniruby [0x8161983] 0x8157d88 ./miniruby [0x8157d88] 0x81580c4 ./miniruby [0x81580c4] 0x816365e ./miniruby [0x816365e] 0x815ddca ./miniruby [0x815ddca] 0x816125b ./miniruby [0x816125b] 0x8163c78 ./miniruby [0x8163c78] 0x815a9ee ./miniruby(rb_funcall2+0xfe) [0x815a9ee] 0x80876d0 ./miniruby(rb_obj_call_init+0x50) [0x80876d0] 0x80bd04a ./miniruby(rb_class_new_instance+0x3a) [0x80bd04a] 0x8157d88 ./miniruby [0x8157d88] 0x81580c4 ./miniruby [0x81580c4] 0x816365e ./miniruby [0x816365e] 0x815ddca ./miniruby [0x815ddca] 0x816125b ./miniruby [0x816125b] 0x81614db ./miniruby(rb_iseq_eval_main+0xab) [0x81614db] 0x8088367 ./miniruby(ruby_exec_node+0xb7) [0x8088367] 0x8089966 ./miniruby(ruby_run_node+0x56) [0x8089966] 0x805cee8 ./miniruby(main+0x68) [0x805cee8] 0x400e1ace /lib/ [0x400e1ace] 0x805cde1 ./miniruby [0x805cde1]

This already has been reported in Ruby-lang's issue tracer here. But I cannot understand to apply patch there. So I try to install another Ruby 1.9.x release ... Ruby 1.9.2 RC1 later.

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