Thursday, April 1, 2010

iRally - rally computer sophisticated

APPLE announces the new product for the motorsport domain. The product named iRally is brand-new rally computer.

It has WVGA display with multi-touch gesture, bluetooth module and SIM module to communicate with service or HQ. In different with APPLE's other products, it becomes unlocked SIM product because rally cars go many countries. So crews can board their own SIM card. And it can download rally computing applications and rally bulletins from App Store and iBook Store.

But it DOES NOT have any GPSs, gyroscopes and accelerometers. Because WMSC refuses these technologies that help logging reconnaissance(recce) information and help making pace notes, and APPLE accept it.

APPLE will release it in 3Q/2010, and WMSC will confirm to use this product in 2011 season.

In the other side, GOOGLE is also preparing to launch alternatives. It will include the rest of all that are not in iRally.

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