Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Qt Conference - Tokyo 2009

In 2 days ago, Qt Conference - Tokyo 2009 was held at Tsukiji, Tokyo. There are many sessions and many notable topics like below:
  • Qt is running on everywhere, PC OSs, Mobile ones, STB, Coffee maker and so on.
  • Qt had been open-sourced into the open-repository - on Gitorious.
  • From 4.6, Qt supports Mulit-touch feature on Mulit-touch ready OS like Mac OS X, Windows 7 and so on.
  • And from 4.6, Qt refines Webkit integration and brings State Chart XML support.
  • From 4.7, Qt will support Declarative UI as QML.
  • In Asia, Taiwan and Korea are the region where Qt is widely used in. ASUS is most one.
  • HOW-TOs about distributing Qt application with Comercial, LGPL, or GPL license.
  • Qt 4.6's GUI New Feature 1/4: Animation framework. That is to change properties of QObject dynamically.
  • Qt 4.6's GUI New Feature 2/4: State machine. That is made with State Chart XML.
  • Qt 4.6's GUI New Feature 3/4: Graphical effects - like shade, blur and so on.
  • Qt 4.6's GUI New Feature 4/4: Multi-touch and Gesture - like tap, pinch, swipe and so on.
  • Qt 4.6 supports Symbian S60 3rd1, 3rd2 and 5th.
  • Qt 4.6 supports Windows Mobile 5 and 6. But 6.5 is not yet. Qt 4.7 will support Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • Qt 4.6 for Maemo5 is built on Gtk GUI framework, but from Maemo6, Qt itself will become GUI framework.
  • QtCreator is not only IDE, but also is good sample for cross-platform application. We can see its source code from Gitorious.
  • QtCreator helps our debugging and Unit-testing. And Squish/Qt integrates auto-testing and regression testing.
  • Translation flow for Qt application: lupdate -> edit .ts -> lrelease -> load .qm
  • Tips for Using String classes, QObject::tr() or qtTrid() and QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII
  • Hiring translators is more expensive than hiring us - the developers. For example, in Japan translation price is 27 yen per one word.
  • From symbian^3, it will become based on Qt and more. And from symbian^4, it will become full-Qt-based.
And one more notable topic, download count is 2.5 times than before setting LGPL license.


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