Thursday, March 26, 2009

Introductory textbook

Some tutorials are helpful for studying QtRuby. I found 2 introductory textbooks on the web.

First, Rapid GUI Development with QtRuby from The Pragmatic Bookshelf. This book(PDF; $8.50) is written in Qt version 3.x and with less rubyish way, but contains all basis of QtRuby. Of course, It can use for Qt version 4.x in intact, except one method.

Because, QApplication::setMainWidget() is non-existent from Qt version 4.x, until 3.x. So appropriate line of sample codes should be commented.

Second, QtRuby examples of KDE TechBase. This page introduces above book and some sample codes in Qt version 4.x and with rubyish way. And this page also introduces to mailing-list and to RubyForge of KDE-bindings.

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